How Whitchurch High School saved 25% with Managed Print Solution

The largest secondary school in Wales and one of the largest in the UK, Whitchurch high school has 2,400 pupils over two sites. This large co-educational school has a huge catchment area from eight feeder primary schools.

Whitchurch High School has 360 pupils in each year group – Years 7 to 9 in the Lower School and, one mile away in the Upper School, Years 10 and 11 along with a Sixth Form Centre. The 2009 ESTNY Report says Whitchurch High School is ‘a good school which is moving forward from strength to strength.’ Mr Huw Jones-Williams, Head Teacher, comments: “We are a forward looking, innovative school in which well proven, traditional values are allied to the best of modern teaching methods including the extensive use of ICT.”

Richard Burge, IT Manager says: “We did look a­ er six local schools but now the workload within Whitchurch High School itself is enough for my full-time team of three. We have numerous buildings on each school site and we’re responsible for all networking, wireless networks, phone systems, installation of cabling and any new builds as we don’t use outside contractors.”

Whitchurch School had an existing Canon/Equitrac print solution but wanted to improve its print and copy production volumes and save costs by having as many centralised MFPs as possible. Richard Burge explains: “Originally we were always with Canon, but when the contract came up for renewal five years ago we realised that the costs for what we needed would be prohibitive so we started to look at alternatives. We’d undertaken a print solution with fewer machines around the school but realised that it just wasn’t working for our staff and pupils. The Canon/Equitrac combination had limited connectivity. Equitrac just linked in and did the basics – the reporting was ok but we couldn’t monitor what was physically being done on the machines.”

The school’s local print partner, Itec, came up with a solution which meant more MFPs under a lease to deliver an affordable solution. Lisa Greenfield, Sales Manager, Itec explains: “Centralising the MFPs was a challenge due to the size and layout of the school site and the volume and demands of printing. We recommended a combination of 12 high volume KYOCERA MFDs and 20 desktop MFDs, all featuring embedded terminals to control the copying as well as printing functions, supported by a fleet of 55 printers and PaperCut MF print management so­ ware. This replaced 22 contract MFDs, 34 contracted desktop laser printers and approximately 50 other school printers from a range of manufacturers.”

Richard Burge continues: “PaperCut is really designed well for schools so when we looked at PaperCut with KYOCERA equipment we knew the combination of print quality and page per minute would meet our needs. In the end it also came down to price, Itec’s recommendation was much cheaper than the others we received. We went into a great deal of detail and went to a number of suppliers but they couldn’t be beaten. We knew the number of pages per minute we required so selected our shortlist of devices on that criteria. I worked with my colleague Dean Powell to decide what we needed and where.”

Over a ‑ five day period during a half term, Itec installed a full managed print solution from KYOCERA Document Solutions which comprised: 52 x FS1360DN, 10 x FSC-5250DN, 5 x FS3540MFP, 2 x FS-3640MFP, 14 x FSC-2526MFP, 2 x TA-6500i, 2 x TA-250ci, 4 x TA-6550ci and 1 x TA-7500i with PaperCut MF to work with the school’s existing HID cards and KYOcapture version 5.

“When the KYOCERA machines first went in, it was the end of the academic year and there was lots of copying which is the norm. PaperCut compared well to Equitrac, Equitrac doesn’t offer a buget by department just copying and billing at the end of the month. With PaperCut we have a £100 limit which is used by each department before they can ask for top-ups. Everyone in the department has a swipe card and the Head of the Department can see straight away who has done what, what they are spending before it becomes a budget issue. While Whitchurch School is funded by the LEA, the school’s governors handle the day-today running of the school and cost control is of key importance,” adds Richard.

“Our relationship with Itec and KYOCERA has always been good. Our dedicated engineer from Itec lives locally and arranged to keep spare parts at the school so we have everything to hand and aren’t waiting for stock to be ordered and arrive. It’s proved a very efficient way of doing things and has meant less downtime on the machines. For consumables we did have Itec send them as required but they were a little too efficient and supplies arrived too promptly. Now we keep five complete sets for each type of device and use a simple order form to just call toner in as we need it.”

The staff and pupils at Whitchurch School have been delighted with the KYOCERA printers as Dean Powell explains: “Our users feel they can do more with each of the machines, they have the choice to do colour copies or just black and white prints and know exactly what the cost will be before printing and copying. They also prefer the fact that they don’t need to walk around the building to reach the most suitable machine. The screens are all the same, so whichever KYOCERA machine it is they are all much easier to use.”

Lisa Greenfield adds: “Since half term the school has printed over half a million copies and has already seen significant cost reductions. We take a holistic, long-term approach to our customers, offer dedicated account management, proactive technical support and work hard to keep customer costs down.”

Richard Burge concludes: “We’ve been very lucky as lots of schools are only now starting to look at solutions. We’ve accrued benefits from the KYOCERA print solution long before other schools – we’ve already seen a 25% reduction in running costs. With Itec and KYOCERA we got what we wanted and much more. We have PaperCut single sign on for machines, and with KYOCapture the KYOCERA machines know who you are. We’ve also integrated SIMS with KYOCapture.”


“We’ve already seen a 25% reduction in running costs. With Itec and KYOCERA we got what we wanted and much more. We have PaperCut single sign on for machines, and with KYOCapture the KYOCERA machines know who you are. We’ve also integrated SIMS with KYOCapture.”

Richard Burge, IT Manager